Rosie & Luci



An evening of merriment,
burlesque... and murder!

Holiday Cabaret

Season's Greetings?
Bah humbug!

Returning Dec 21st, 2024

Burlesque, aerial, emcee, photography, show support, and more.

A little bit cute and a little bit kinky. She’ll either be the wind in your sails, or the maelstrom that destroys you. This fearsome red-headed temptress co-produces the quarterly-ish Taste Test Improv Burlesque show and performs aerial with Cirque Wonderland, and will dazzle and enrapture you no matter where she is. The calm before the storm. Will she lead you to temptation or throw you overboard?

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He is the Vaudeville Jester Trickster God, here to please the court... if you deserve it. This handy harlequin can be found flying high on the trapeze, building scenery backstage, or bearing all at burlesque shows around the metro. He co-hosts Taste Test Improv Burlesque and is a member of the Naughty Nerds burlesque troupe. If you want your show to dazzle and delight, you want Luci in your court.