an evening of merriment, 

burlesque...and murder

SEPT 28TH, 2024

Open Casting Call

We are now accepting submissions for "Clue: an evening of merriment, burlesque...and murder". Submissions are open until July 7, 2024. Click the submission link below for more details.

Can you solve the murder of Ms. Boddy?

Step into a world of mystery, intrigue, sensuality, and camp as the classic movie and board game come to life in a tantalizing burlesque extravaganza. Be transported to the Boddy mansion, full of secrets, seduction, suspense... and striptease.. for a Clue-inspired burlesque show like no other.

Meet Your Clue Cast and Crew

Wadsworth and Yvette

Miss Rosie Tempest
& The Lucifer Jest

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A little bit cute and a little bit kinky. She’ll either be the wind in your sails, or the maelstrom that destroys you. This fearsome red-headed temptress co-produces the quarterly-ish Taste Test Improv Burlesque show and performs aerial with Cirque Wonderland, and will dazzle and enrapture you no matter where she is. The calm before the storm. Will she lead you to temptation or throw you overboard?

He is the Vaudeville Jester Trickster God, here to please the court, if you deserve it. He'll serve you dutifully and put you on a throne, but abuse your power and he will be quick to cut you down. In fact, it seems he's destined to fall for heroes who become villains… oh well. He is The Lucifer Jest.

Ms. Boddy

Mr. Green

Capt. Mustard

Mrs. White

Mx. Scarlet

Mrs. Peacock

Prof. Plum

The Cook

Police Chief

Singing Telegram

Stranded Motorist